The most popular Farming  games like Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is recognized to be the farm stimulation games series, which is known to combine different light role management and playing aspects into the core gameplay. The ultimate goal of such games includes the revitalization of the run-down farm as well as the surrounding game. The elements of this core gameplay are inclusive of raising the livestock, planting the crops. 




It is similar to the famous and farming game harvest moon. This game is considered to be the perfect combination of Harvest Moon and Breath of the Wild. As you play this game, you can get the ideal combination of farming simulator and open-world adventure. This game boasts of vibrant open world with a surplus of features. It also features RPG like character customization option. In addition to this, it bestows support for building and crafting along with farming. This game is dynamic and encounters changes according to changes.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

 As you play this farming game, in which you begin as mayor of the place or town which is rarely visited by the tourists. As you play this game, your job involves the growth and development in the city which lures different tourists. You will be able to set regulations and rules in the town. 

In addition to this, you will be able to develop bridges, landmarks, and infrastructure with an eye to adding overall value to the town. To seek more information on this game, you can refer to


 It is recognized to be an alternative to Harvest Moon where you play the role of an adventurous shopkeeper. You perform your duties in the right manner during the day. However, during the night time, you fantasize of becoming the hero. You require playing the game in such a way that both the objectives are accomplished effectively.